Best holiday destination right across Singapore

Are bored to stay in your home? Are you free in your winter holidays? Why not take a trip to Riau islands and stay in the Bintan resorts? This resort filled island is only 45 minutes away from Singapore by ferry.


The town of Bintan is full colours and a great destination for exotic pleasure that include gambling as well. The local language spoken is Bahasa Indonesia. But English is the most popular language spoken in the Bintan resorts. In some places mandarin is also spoken.

To get to Bintan, one has to get visas for Indonesia. A 7 day visa permit will cost something about US $10 per person. This visa gives the permission to visit the special economic zones of Bintan, Batam, Karimum. The best way to reach Bintan is to take a flight to Singapore and then by ferry to the resorts. It is nearly an hour’s ride by boat to the resorts. Speed and motor boats also ply from Singapore to Bintan.

Get around the island

singapore-ferry1To take a tour, there are various modes of transports. Some people use hired taxi. The taxis can be easily availed by bargaining. Cars for private use are also available for rent of 50-100$ per day. It also depends on the distance of the trip to be taken. The cheapest means of transport is the rental scooter. With only 35$ per day of charge, these are easily available and accessible. Not only do they provide the rental scooter, they also supply with 2 litres of gasoline. The best part is that gasoline is available in nearly every roadside store. Then if you are travelling in a large group, then you have the option of hiring a minivan.

The beaches

Once you visit the Bintan resorts and batam Island bia the easybook batam ferry, do not miss the chance to visit the Trikora beach. The beach is an excellent place to visit and has exquisite views. There are numerous beach as well as sea sports available to play. If you want silence and prefer isolation then you have the beaches around Sumpat.

There is also quite a lot of shopping that you can do. Various wooden handicrafts are available in the market. Although it is a tourist spot, yet the items available are quite cheap and pocket friendly.

Although the items are cheap, there are issues of currency exchange. Although the resorts use Singapore dollars, yet the shops might have problems regarding the use of international money. They need to paid with local currency. Although there are different malls like Ramayana or Bintan, they are not of any match to the malls of Jakarta or Kuala Lumpur.

The Bintan resorts are a heaven for food fanatics. The hotels serve with one of the best kind of sea foods that are available in the world. So if you are planning to go on a holiday, the Bintan Islands are one of the best options available.

Enjoy Luxury Penang Car Hire

Leasing an extravagance auto ought to be energizing for people who desire to arrive in style. There are a few organizations that offer rentals to these people. Getting a good organization to lease an extravagance auto ought to be simple due to the numerous dependable organizations accessible in today’s business sector offering a full determination of these autos. This sort of leasing may be extremely costly if there are some financial plan acceptable alternatives out there.


Most people who contract extravagance autos do it when wanting to go to specific events like weddings, family capacities, and prom, corporate and for the individuals who are searching for solace. People may hope to lease an extravagance auto to get to the area as well as to touch base in style. The rental organizations accessible have will have autos like the Rolls Royce’s, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, BMW, Land Cruiser, Cadillac, Lamborghini, Maybach and a few others.

Much the same as other auto leasing people hoping to procure these vehicles can search for offers and rebates. Rebates may be occasional or may rely on upon arrangements done by the individual and the organization merchants. Offers are for clients who have leased with the organization before as the group knows there history. People who have had a decent auto leasing knowledge will likewise get appropriate treatment as it means they have excellent driving skills that are whether they have never had terrible occurrences with the autos they have leased some time recently.

Age is typically another element considered when hiring extravagance cars. It is viewed as that the more youthful an individual is, the more probable they are to feel the need to journey. It will decide the measure of cash you will pay to lease these autos. Keep in mind these cars are extremely costly thus these organizations needs to feel that they are getting their quality worth at whatever point they are leasing them out.

These extravagance autos are implied for the rich yet Penang Car Hire from easybook guarantee that individuals have the capacity to appreciate the administrations of these autos, despite the fact that they would never bear to claim one. Individuals looking for solace may choose to utilize leasing as their choice as opposed to setting anything aside for some time to be ready to assume the cost of using such an auto. In fact, it may appear to be excessively extraordinary people are energized, making it impossible to in any event go up against them that merited occasion or voyage was utilizing one of this autos to remunerate themselves for working truly hard now and then.

While enlisting an extravagance auto people are encouraged just to do as such with organizations that have a good notoriety. It is to stay away from frustrations particularly if you lease the car for rare events. Managing extravagance cars is likewise extremely fragile thus people ought not just take a gander at expenses as getting an extravagance car on offer at a cheap cost can mean something is terribly amiss with the auto.